Instructor Benton Wilbanks

Establishing himself as one of the top trainers in the mid-south, Benton Wilbanks has been a certified personal trainer and pilates instructor for over 20 years with extensive work in cardiac rehabilitation, developing senior exercise programs, as well as drug rehabilitation programs and weight loss programs. He has trained tri-athletes, bodybuilders, pre-natal women and currently specializes in rehabilitating lower back pain using the Pilates method.

Instructor Adrienne Gard

Adrienne Gard a Memphis Native, started practicing pilates in 2011. She received her certification through the STOTT Pilates Centre in East Memphis. Adrienne grew up in an very health conscious environment and that paired with her desire to help people, found her calling as a Pilates instructor. She believes Pilates goes beyond just your typical work out since it builds strength and endurance from your core, which controls the health and stability to every other part of the body. She knows her certification can be used to help every type of person and loves the challenge of her wide range in clientele.

What is Pilates?

I have personally called Pilates "The Lollapalooza of Exercise", a synergistic blending of different philosophies, that until the turn of the millennium, has been existing only in its own underground sub culture. It is an ever-changing process through strengthening and stretching that helps balance the body and mind. As you will likely come to realize, Pilates will become something more individualized for you and your needs.

Here are some links to other web sites that will allow you to understand Joseph's amazing life story and his profound journey in discovering this method he dubbed "Contrology".

Great Pilates Links:

Pilates Videos

News Channel 3 Live at 9 features Benton Wilbanks, inventor of Flowmotion, a product that takes Pilates to the Next Level!

Benton Wilbanks Pilates Instructor

Getting Started

How do I get started?
Call to schedule your free initial consultation. 901-299-0877

What should I expect in my first session?
This session will cover the basic principles of Pilates, (Navel to spine, Pelvic Alignment, Rib cage placement, Stabilized scapula, Lengthen the neck, Pinched buttocks, and Breathing.) We will cover various pelvic positions (the pelvic clock), learn how to use these principles as we exercise, and start mastering control of your body. This is a time where patience is most beneficial to your learning. Each session ends with a stretching cool down, leaving you refreshed, clear minded and with a sense of accomplishment.

How often do I need to do Pilates?
This varies based on your goals and current conditioning. The different factors that will determine how often you do Pilates are discussed in greater detail during your initial consultation. On average clients train 2-3 times a week. This usually includes some combination of both private and class sessions. Once you learn the fundamentals in private sessions, you may choose to attend as many or as few private sessions and or group classes as you wish.

  • I LOVE Pilates....can I tell you why? There's this fantastic guy named Benton Wilbanks who takes me through my own personalized boot camp every week and shows me capabilities I never knew I had. And when he's through turning me inside out and upside down, he cools me down and stretches me out and I leave my sessions feeling refreshed, renewed and at complete peace.
    John Vergos
  • Benton is an amazing trainer! His unconditional encouragement and patient persistence in teaching the Pilates movements are the reasons why I keep coming back. Im looking forward to experiencing many more years of the good things this training provides me!
    Judy Weddle
  • I love it! My body is strong in ways that couldn't be achived with other, more conventional exercises. Benton Wilbanks is a wonderful teacher who truly understands the body and its endless possiblities.
    Jennifer Golightly
  • After losing 50 lbs. with a year's worth of healthy eating and exercise, I really wanted to tone up my new body. Ab exercises tended to be my least favorite and I really struggled with the motivation to do them. So I heard about Benton from a friend and started doing pilates twice a week. Within a couple of months, I started to see better definition in not just my abs, but in my shoulders and triceps as well.
    Toni Zoblotsky



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